The Ood Cast S03E09 – The Regeneration Game

“True or False? A Sontaran’s favourite food is potato waffle?”

Strap yourself in for an entirely new podcasting experience as The Ood Cast present The Regeneration Game. Yes, no one has ever tried it before, it’s a quiz show based on Doctor Who.


No, wait, come back, this is different, honest – this is a new kind of quiz. A quiz where intelligence, an agile brain and an exhaustive knowledge of the subject will have no bearing whatsoever on whether you end up winning.

Maybe it’s because the questions are mostly made up? Maybe it’s because Chris Sigma hasn’t brought a pen and paper to write down the scores? Maybe it’s because truth is an abstract concept which can only be explored and never known?

Whatever the reason you can be sure of an adrenalin-filled question-based thrill ride of an episode including title mash ups, mime, Dalek co-hosts, over 9 flavours of jingle and an appearance by “The Moth”.

Let’s get QUIZZICAL!

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  2. YAY!!! I’m really looking forward to listening to this!!! Just in time actually, I go back to school in two days – this will definitely keep my spirits up.

  3. Brilliant episode guys!!! Really funny. I will definitely be listening to this over and over again. It had me burtsing out in laughter quite often and got many strange looks from my sister. Not that I’m complaining.

  4. Awesome episode guys, you should definitely play it again. It really reminded me of the Australian quiz show “Talkin’ ’bout Your Generation” except yours is more awesome because it’s all about Doctor Who

  5. I hate to say this was your best show ever, mainly because you guys are so consistently awesome. But I think it just might be. I’ll have to listen again to make sure.

    In any event, thanks for another highly entertaining episode!

  6. “Name five types of bread product. For example…” I could not stop laughing. Thanks for another great show.

  7. This was brilliant – and so much fun! Would you consider taking listener suggested questions for the next game if there was a way we could submit so only the next Regeneration Quiz Master could see them? Otherwise, it’d be cheating, right?

  8. You guys are amazing! I’ve avoided TV show based podcasts for years because of all the negativity and ripping apart that goes on. For some reason I decided “What the hell, I’ll try this one” and I am so glad I did! Your podcast is fantastic, and has been making the trudge across campus through the snow to classes more bearable (though trying not to look like a crazy person because I’m laughing hysterically is proving to be a challenge).

    This was brilliant, I can’t wait for more regeneration games! Keep it up 🙂

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