The Ood Cast S03E08 – Gelth & Safety

β€œAnd sometimes he puts his chin on his neck and looks a bit like a skinhead Ronald McDonald…”

Ravenous for some fun? Listen to the hungry Ood Cast as they speculate which Doctors would make the best-of-the-comestibles, encounter a brief hiatus anytime they try to say the word ‘gaseous’ and indulge themselves in ridiculous flights of foley.

Also, overhear why the Gelth truly deserved extinction and why Dr Who is like a milkshake (back on the food again? We’ve got to start having dinner before we record…)

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  1. Another brilliant episode! The discussion of “The Unquiet Dead” was great fun. I must ask, by what process did you choose this story to analyze?

    Hmm, funny thing: I’ve a sudden inexplicable need to listen to Kate Bush songs. Good thing my iTunes is properly stocked. πŸ™‚

  2. Great episode guys! Some very interesting and funny comments that made perfect sense to me even though I haven’t seen the episode for a while. Loved the 2nd sketch the best.

  3. This comment is a bit out of date, but I was just listening back to “The Ood, The Bad and The Ugly” and realised, while you didn’t predict the TARDIS rooms in A Christmas Carol, you predicted flying sharks, or “jaws in space”. Good work guys!

  4. Thanks very much, everyone!

    It’s nice of you to give us credit for the predicting the flying shark, Christy, but I think that came from a comment Steven Moffat had made at the end of series 5 rather than us being psychic… or the fez prediction… πŸ™‚

    Rory, it’s lovely of you to assume we have a process to deciding these things! I think it was just the same logic that made us choose Boom Town a few episodes back – that it was a story people don’t obviously discuss much and that we all fancied watching again. Nothing too scientific or anything, I’m afraid! I hope that doesn’t shatter any myths!

    And everyone needs a bit of Kate Bush in their lives…

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