The Ood Cast S03E04 – Culture Vultures

“Come along, Smith!”

Yes, come join the Ood Cast as we dip our toes in the warm, nostalgic waters of The Sarah Jane Adventures and our first review for the series, “Death of the Doctor”.

Unsettlingly Andrew-less, we draft in a close family member to discuss days gone by, whether people’s heads fit their shoulders, the ways we deal with bereavement and how Santiago is like a chicken.

There’s also sketches about the dangers of a whole species having the same job and what would happen if RTD went more RTD than he’d ever gone before.


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  1. wow Laura, you’re Mum’s really posh. Enjoyed the review, I watched both episodes really just for Matt Smith. It was a bit wallowy, but that’s RTD for you. Hope the next series of DW finds it’s own feet and creates its own lore.

  2. I liked everything. Every. Thing.
    But I LOVED “Remember The Time” because that beat wont stop and the lyrics kicked it, and the Sarah Jane episodes themselves were well good and it’s all just a smorgasbord of talent and fun, innit!

    “WOOO! WOOO! rrrrrrrup! duppat! dupadup! drrrrrrrrup! dubadup! My bay-BEH!” -Michael (and now Laura)
    Two Thumbs Up!

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