The Ood Cast S03E03 – Claymation

“It’s like asking Superman to weed your herbaceous border… ”

An exciting landmark episode of The Ood Cast this week as we conduct our very first interview with someone who is actually involved professionally with Doctor Who.

Listen as we struggle valiantly to maintain a thin veneer of calm while quizzing Mr Clayton Hickman on Sarah Jane, The Brilliant Book, his time at Doctor Who Magazine and anything else we think would be sensible and interesting to talk about.

Then continue to listen in horror whilst we get over excited and ask him to divulge secrets to Season 6 and which monster he would get intimate with to save the universe? All this and a telling off, a lost bet, a murder, tales from the wilderness years and an Elton John song about the dark side of fandom.

You’re welcome.

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  1. Hi there, just thought I’d mention that for some reason iTunes has seen fit to download this cast twice. Both seem to be identical. Don’t know if its my itunes being daft or maybe something up with your feed? thought I’d mention it anyway.

    Not that I would ever complain about getting twice as much Oodcast! :o)

  2. Awesome 😀

    Enlightening interview. Shame there probably won’t be more of the TARDIS interior, then again MAYBE he was told to say that c ;

    About the lack of female writers, maybe I could be one. Hmm… I want to be a writer and it would be amazing if I could write an episode or something. I’d be more than happy with just a novel. Or I could stick to fanfiction lol.

    Great song ^_^ “Don’t dis Doctor Who” <3

  3. Great interview with Mr. Hickman. Hope this is the start of more chats with DW insiders. (If they all get their own theme songs, you’ll probably be turning them away before long.)

  4. Fascinating. But I must pick you up on one point. Who is great, but has the massive advantage of being able to be set anywhere, anytime, which pretty much no other contemporary series is able to do. Other programmes live within a much more restrictive narrative. So having a go at Merlin for not being as good, particularly since it lacks humour, is rather unfair. It has both humour and an interestig story arc withinin a fairly well-known back story. As much as Buffy had some superb moments it went on too long, and was often self-indulgent in the later series. Anyway, arnt over, loved the songs and have very much enjoyed the guides.

  5. Hey – this is the first one of your podcasts I’ve heard – just discovered you guys. Great interviews and comment. Love the songs. The Ood Cast is delightfully charming!

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