The Ood Cast S03E01 – The Ood, The Bad & The Ugly

“Steven Moffat? He’s a squat, wiry haired, plump, plum-eared genius …”

Theatrical nudity, sycophantic grovelling and an Ice Warrior with a grudge.

The Ood Cast is back with more unflattering descriptions of the leading lights of our televisual lives. Find out what happened when Sigma met the Moff, listen to the Ood’s first script collaboration, get an update on the operating status of the Littlest Doctor and *spoiler alert* find out key locations for the Christmas Special …

Also, win a drink on us, and listen in horror as we jump the (space) shark.

Ah, it’s good to be back!

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  1. Yay! The return of the Ood Cast!

    Love the new theme. Love the spoilers section, and the new song. Extra super mega props to Laura for her Tegan impression. 🙂

    I’ve really missed you guys. Great to hear your voices again. It’s nice to know there’ll be new shows every two weeks, too!


  2. New Ood!! Squee!

    Haven’t even heard the episode yet – but I am so excited. Thanks for posting.

  3. Yay! Ood Cast is back. Did you guys know that if you google “Oodcast”, Google says…did you mean….Podcast?

  4. Like a comforting winter coat on a crisp autumn evening I was able to slip you on and snuggle down. Great too hear your voices again, loved the new theme. Have to say though the theme music that went with your ‘episode’, now that’s proper DW, was it from CB or PD (or another one)?

  5. Loved the new episode, but oh my, you’re going to be buying a lot of free drinks at Gally. I’d back off that rumor report if I were you.

  6. I just found your podcast recently, I tend to prefer to have something like a podcast running while I’m arting, so it was wonderful to have you guys back again to keep my ears entertained.

    I admit, I had a typical Doctor Who fan-like reaction when I heard you were going to do a new theme tune since I adored that acapella version of the theme tune, but Eleven’s theme in acapella is stellar.

  7. Glad to see you back, and if Joss Whedon wrote an episode of Doctor Who I believe I might have to just give up and die afterward because how, HOW could life get better than that?

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