The Ood Cast S02E17 – The Big Shebang

“It’s like dissecting a kitten. It’s just not as cute when it’s all in bits everywhere …”

On this week’s bumper and rather euphoric Ood Cast, the reverie of a season finale goes to our heads … or is that the wine?

Either way, we have loads of fun, and its probably unintelligible to anyone who wasn’t there. Sorry about that. Well, we’re not – you don’t have to pay for this …

As well as our late discussion of whether Steven Moffat pulled off his first attempt at a finale, we have a bit of a nose around a museum gallery of unusual fossils, find out how Rory gets on at a job interview, drop in on the results of the fire safety investigation into the TARDIS explosion and see how many of us it takes to stop Andy talking his way through the entire show.

We’re almost at the end of our season, with the finale just around the corner … but are we threatened by how good The Big Bang was?

You bet we are…

(This episode also features guest artwork by the extremely talented Mr Jonathan Monkhouse)

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  1. Loved the episode, “The Big Bang”, aka “The Doctor Dances……….Badly”. I haven’t had the chance to listen to this week’s podcast, but I’m sure it will be funny. I was listening to your last cast on the way home tonite from work and laughed for the whole time. Was it your podcast? Or was it the leak in my nitros oxide tank? Hmmmm. Either way, you guys are great and now have the honor, of being my favorite podcast.!!!!!! Yea! Ok, might not be such a big deal, but you guys are my favorite. Keep up the great work.
    Chuck B
    From a little known part of Gallifrey called New Jersey

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  3. loved the ‘Mamas and Papas spoof’ at the end, what a great way to finish. kitten and ball of string best metaphor ever. You all sounded as if you’d had great fun. looking forward to further insights/questions in next weeks cast.
    Best wishes.

  4. Thought I’d also say that I love the presentation of your web site, very professional.

  5. Hi guys,
    Fantastic episode as ever! I started listening to Oodcast a few weeks back and it’s rapidly turning into my favourite Dr Who podcast. I fully admit to being a curmudgeonly old sod and when the bile from – ahem – “other” podcasts gets me down, I can always rely on the Oodcast to bring me back up. I can’t wait for future episodes, what you’re doing here is very special. 🙂

    Sorry, got a bit emotional there – just watched that scene from Big Bang where the Doc is telling young Amelia about the old blue box he borrowed. Sniff – gets me every time…

    Anyway, love the show, love the songs, love the sketches,

  6. Thank you very much for an excellent series of the Ood cast. I have listened and enjoyed each one from ‘Eleventh Hour’ onwards (were there some before??). It is just excellent stuff – well made, very funny, and you actually like ‘Doctor Who’ to boot! Thanks, thanks and thanks again…

  7. Hi guys! I have recently discovered you, and have spent a marvelous couple of weeks enjoying season one and two…and then I came here & the link/player is missing! Boo hoo! Is this intentional, or is it user error? Hoping that I will be able to hear & relive all that glorious excitement from the first Moffat season finale soon…Thanks for your continuing enthusiasm!

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    Hello Stephanie!

    Nope- it’s not intentional, we’ve just had a bit on our plates of late what with organising the Live Shows and flapping round in a tizzwozz of excitement about the 50th anniversary. As soon as we’ve spiritually, emotionally and physically calmed down a little bit, we’ll get everything up and running again. Although having just seen ‘The night of the Doctor’ that could take a while…..


    The Oods!

  9. Can I just add my own request for the Missing Link? Like Stephanie I discovered you just a few weeks ago: I had an idle moment and wondered, ‘Are there any Doctor Who podcasts out there?’ Oh, just a few . . . !

    I’ve listened to most of the latest ones (up to ‘The Crimson Horror’), and am just about to go back to ‘The Eleventh Hour’ – but we must have ‘The Big Bang’!

    By the way, your positivity is great.

  10. Hi – here it is 2018, and there’s still no player link? I know you’ve been busy what with life, the universe, and everything, but is there any hope of getting it back?

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