The Ood Cast S02E16 – Childish Things

“He fall into the crack and he never come back … that’s a-Rorrrrrrry …”

This week, the Ood Cast try and ignore the temptation to run around screaming like excited children (we did that after the recording had finished) and take a trip into a land of childhood memories and councils of war …

We see what would happen if the Anti-Doctor coalition had picked a different book from Amy’s shelves and our helpful fly-on-the-wall learns how all those different species put aside their differences to trap their slippery target.

We find time to talk about The Pandorica Opens too, of course, and the weekly song makes a triumphant return …

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  1. Great show. Can’t wait for next week.

    Ikea have just announced their latest bedroom collection. The ‘End of Time’ range includes a wardrobica, chest of drawsica and a blanket boxica. There’s also a special offer on their ‘crack in the space time continuum’, available in a 4 colours, midnight, coal, ebony and absence of light.
    Spoiler Alert: Further investigation of Amy Pond’s bedroom leads us to believe that the concluding episode of Dr Who will contain 3 giant porridge-seeking bears.
    New from Rimmel, hallucinogenic lipstick, now he really will think you’re his queen (warning, may cause people to believe you are a dead Egyptian).

    Mr Moffat explains the climax of episode 12
    MOFFAT: So, the Dr’s in locked in the Pandorica, Amy’s just been shot by Roman Auton Rory and the Universe is exploding.
    PETER: Wow, that’s what you call a cliff-hanger. A real Saturday morning cinema adventure. I can’t wait to find out how it all ends next week.
    MOFFAT: Next week?
    PETER: Episode 13, the season finale.
    MOFFAT: No, that’s it, last one.
    PETER: Sorry?
    MOFFAT: Well, I was talking to Russell and he said it’s always much more satisfying for the viewers if you bump off a few of the main characters, you know, stops them getting complacent.
    PETER: So you thought you’d imprison the Doctor and kill off Amy?
    MOFFAT: Oh no.
    PETER: Phew, you had me going there for a minute.
    MOFFAT: I thought I’d kill off everyone, you can’t get much more dramatic than that.
    PETER: But, but what about the final episode?
    MOFFAT: Well, no time or space, no audience. So, no need for a final episode. Anyway, I’m popping off to the Dordogne for a couple of weeks. Oh, hang on, France probably doesn’t exist anymore. Come to think of it, we probably don’t…..

    Real Estate
    AGENT: So Mr & Mrs Armitage, you’ve seen a number properties, what did you think of the last one…. erm, number 1 Underhenge?
    HELEN: Well, it was, a bit small.
    AGENT: Compact and bijou.
    LUKE: Compact? There was only one room.
    HELEN: With just one chair, and that didn’t look very comfortable.
    LUKE: Yes, I thought the restraining straps looked a bit much.
    AGENT: Well, I’ll grant it’s a little unusual, but you’re forgetting the security features.
    HELEN: Security features?
    AGENT: Oh yes, dead locks, time stops, matalans.
    LUKE: What’s a Matalan?
    AGENT: Then there’s the large oak doors. Very impressive, I’m sure you’ll agree.
    HELEN: Hmm, it’s a bit dingy though.
    AGENT: Ah, you mean the rustic look. Well, it is under Stonehenge, you know, monument of international significance, world heritage site, one of the 7 wonders of the world.
    HELEN: I’m not sure. Luke?
    LUKE: Yeah, no, you’re right. Could we check out the Byzantium again? That was definitely a bit more roomy.

  2. Around 12:00, the auton rory has been given the memories of his death from the memories of the Silurian commander (forgot the name), who shot him.

  3. A very good oodcast…again. I especially liked the song and the reaction after the alternate endings: “that sounds…quite bad!” XD
    Oh, and who invited the Adipose???^^

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