The Ood Cast S02E14 – Art

“Finger nails are good at scratching …”

In this week’s Ood Cast, a host of stars…

We join Richard Curtis as he receives some feedback on his first draft of Vincent and the Doctor, talk about beauty and colour and other giant horse-turkey related nonsense and tag along with a tour of a rather interesting gallery.

And we’re joined by a star completely of his own making: Laura’s dad – who blows us away (like pencil shavings on his sketch pad) with this week’s song.

All that, plus the Ood Cast news and a very special visit from a tiny scale model TARDIS … carrying the one and only Littlest Doctor.

How can you not join us?

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  1. Another cracking review. Well done. I’m impressed by your production values and always particularly enjoy the general discussions, especially when you are all occasionally diverted by something. I like the news and the sketches, although I do find the latter are often just a smidge too long and would benefit from a few more one liners along the way. Have enjoyed acquainting myself with the back catalogue of odd casts and look forward to next week’s.

  2. Also, on advice, listened to the DWP with guest star Laura, and was reminded again of the Amy POND, RIVER Song connection. Does this mean we should be on the lookout for other such water based characters? Arthur Tributary, Milton Stream, Daisy Ox Bow Lake etc.

  3. Another cracker. Loved the rendition of “Vincent (Starry Starry Night)” – Very much like the episode, “Vincent And The Doctor” – some points funny such as the “Blinded Chicken” line but with a poignancy like the episode.

    As for The Littlest Doctor – I can only answer in the form of John Simm’s Master, “Awww”

  4. Oh Laura, tell your dad I loved his song!
    Well, don’t say “Draculasaurus” loved it, that sounds silly.
    -just make up something, but keep it classy.
    Another great episode. Well done Oodcast team.

  5. Thanks to Draculasaurus and Telly Addict. Can only presume that you have both been listening to 1st Peruvian effort and have peeled your own ears off.
    Trouble is that whenever I sing near my daughter I feel like a guy lining up on a Formula 1 starting grid next to Jensen Button in a McClaren, and suddenly realising that he is sitting on a JCB.
    As for the rest of the OOdCast team. You are wasted on podcasts move to national radio instantly!

  6. What kind of ridiculous, austere art gallery would play Pachabels Canon during a tour? FAIL
    Brilliant sketch in the church though.

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