The Ood Cast S02E13 – Earthshocked

“David Tennant will bring his flugelhorn.”

This week’s Ood Cast is a voyage of discovery.

We take a sneak peak into the TARDIS to see exactly what the Doctor said to Ambrose on the way home from her brave attempt to provoke an inter-species war; we find out what the machinery of the podcast would be like with an essential cog wiped from existence; discover that we can still be touched by an episode ending; present a fitting and lovely lament to the passing of a certain character; and more importantly, realise that it is still possible for one man to disappoint us and make our review section less excitable than usual …

(Begin fist shaking …)

All together now:


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  1. The Ood Cast is quickly becoming my favorite Doctor Who podcast. Thanks for providing an insightful podcast that makes being a Doctor Who fan more fun rather than pedantic.

  2. Haha this is genius. I was sent here by Spaz… or rather Spencer and Taz… I will spread the word.

  3. Listening to this nearly a year after the event & forgetting what had happened in the episode, I actually thought you were going to do a lament to the passing of Adric!

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