The Ood Cast S02E12 – Onwards & Downwards

“Right, we’re going to convert this woman, but we’ll start with the bikini areas …”

This week on The Ood Cast, we all go a bit mental. There’s a review of “The Hungry Earth” in which we mercilessly rip into Chris Chibnall before all agreeing that we rather liked the episode and some truly terrifying accent work.

Laura explains why Jon Pertwee reminds her of a sheep that does taekwondo, Andy makes one too many pun-based Dad jokes, Alpha educates us on the provenance of the Silurians and Sigma delves into the psychological differences between men and women when watching scenes involving physical pain.

There’s also some made up news, a subterranean job interview, a visit to the British Secret Service, a segment set behind the scenes at a Doctor Who production meeting and the results of our Underground song competition.

Did you miss us?

So much.

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  1. Hello from France !
    I discovered the Oodcast on the two minute time lords, and listened to all the S02.
    I really, really enjoy your podcasts, they are funny and nice to listen at, and with interesting and/or direct reactions.
    The oodcast news are great, and I looooove your a capella Doctor who theme music.
    So, that’s all for now, gonna’ listen to S01 !

  2. Hello from Texas,
    Another fantastic show!
    well done, keep up the great work, etc.
    I too went back and listened to oodcast S01 during an extremely long and tedious art project.
    The only problem is that there’s no songs, so you have to make up your own.
    I had a good one with “Rassilon” to the tune of Led Zeppelin’s Ramble On, but the rest were pretty terrible.
    It’s really better left to the professionals.
    – D

  3. I liked the Q sketch Desmond Llewelyn would have approved. The reference to hair straightners at the end just perfect! Great song too. I think I’m becoming addicted to the ood cast and that has only happened with The Archer’s before!
    Keep it up all of you!

  4. Another great podcast. I was waiting for you to be like David Tennant in the Buzzcocks Xmas special and instead of him shaking his fist and shouting “Barrowman!”, I was waiting for one of you to shout “Chibnall!” 🙂

    Loved your rendition of “Going Underground” – there was always somebody that was going to be using that pun.

    Keep up the good work and Best Wishes.

    Telly Addict

  5. Yet another great “cast”.
    I can’t believe that you all managed to miss what should surely be one of the great all time lines of the Doctor’s
    “don’t diss the sonic”.
    On a more serious note, I found the Margaret Thatcher comment, brilliant, and incredibly funny. Political satire is well within your range and you have the ability to grab the attention of a much much wider audience. I noted with interest one comment on your “comments page” in which the writer referred to you as ” the professionals” you certainly come accross as such, and I would urge you to do far more to consider bringing your quirky abilities to the attention of the non Who addicts by introducing far more “Thatcher” moments.
    I have played the “A Capella”theme song to many of my classes either at the start of or the end of my IT lessons, and it is now becoming something of a tradition. Our school also features confused teachers all wondering why so many kids are walking round the corridoors singing “Dibbidy Dibbidy . . . .Dibbidy Dibbidy”” or WAH WAH WAH really loudly.
    More sketches . . . .more music . . . .more Thatcher bits . . . . more of what you do best.
    Well done good and faithful OOdcast!

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