The Ood Cast S02E11 – Dream Wedding

“The only thing missing for me was three of them in a bath rolling down the hillside.”

On this week’s Ood Cast, we face the consequences of leaving too much psychic pollen lying around our perfectly appointed studio and that’s as well as dropping in on the Doctor “acquiring” said narcotic substance, hearing what happened to the frozen Peruvian folk band, discussing what we made of The Shaun of the Summer Wine (sorry, Amy’s Choice) and, last but not least, a visit from a legendary 70s rock group …

So, make your choice …

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  1. Thank you for another fantastic Ood Cast and Congratulations to Laura and Chris Sigma on your engagement.

  2. Hello from San Antonio,TX! Y’all are brilliant! I think I have found a new favorite Doctor Who podcast!! I look foward to catching more episodes and plan to catch up on the old ones I have missed!

  3. Hi. I just discovered your podcast when listening Two minute time lord, and I love it! Especially your “News” section. So now I’m listening to your other oodcasts and I’m enjoying every minute of it. So thank you for that, It’s nice to discover a really funny podcast (I only knew Tachion TV and 2minute Time lords). And I think you’re the only podcast I know with a woman in there, that’s nice! Congrats on Laura and Chris by the way.

    Sorry for the english mistakes, I’m french and I’m better at understanding english than writing it. By the way, I gave the link to all of my who-fans friends, so now you have a french public too.

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