The Ood Cast S02E07 – Chocks Away

“Would you like some cake? Dalek cake?”

Yep, the Daleks are the scariest of all the enemies the Doctor has ever faced. And they now serve Earl Grey …

This week on the Ood Cast, the boys are left alone to discuss Victory of the Daleks, we get a Speech Therapist to analyse the speech patterns of the tin-plated despots in an attempt to see whether their problems are just psychological, and we’re treated to a glimpse of what happened when some of them agreed to attend a group therapy session…

So sit back, relax and get your nearest mutated Kaled to serve you a brew. Oh, and would you like a biscuit with that? As reliable as they may be at improbably balancing tea trays on sink plungers, they always forget the digestives…

Stupid Daleks.

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  1. Hey guys, just wanted to get your opinion on a line that stood out to me: near the beginning of the episode, Churchill tells the Doctor that he called him a month ago, to which the Doctor responds “Sorry; it’s a Type 14 (or 40, can’t tell) TARDIS. I’m just running her in.” I just wasn’t sure what to make of it, and wondered if any of you might.

  2. Post

    It’s a Type 40 TARDIS. Quite an old one, by all accounts. The Doctor traditionally blames his lack of control on the ship but, bearing in mind recent events, it’s probably just that the Doctor, mad, brilliant genius though he is, is actually a rubbish driver. The phrase “Just running her in …” probably refers to the recent reconstruction of the ship which caused so many problems in “The 11th Hour”.

    That’s what I think anyway.

  3. Ah. That makes more sense than my thought (that the renovation of the TARDIS somehow meant that it was actually a new one altogether). Thanks!

  4. Very very good episode. My first actually! It is rare for a podcast to make me want to go back and download the entire back catalogue! Great stuff guys – more more more!

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