The Ood Cast S02E06 – Bad Education

“What do you save? Humanity or a huge manatee?”

Tired of hearing the same four voices week in, week out on The Ood Cast? Well, this week we do away with Chris Alpha entirely and replace him with a nice man from the BBC. Our new friend Geoff is polite, well spoken and enthusiastic. His hobbies include underground travel, cyber begging and annoying David Tennant.

And boy does he have a story to tell.

Elsewhere on the show we have even more new voices in our tenuously acronymed feature MOP on Moff, a review of The Beast Below, a sketch about the parent/ teacher interview from hell (or Lancashire) and a lovely song about Star Whales.

Join us next week when we’ll probably be breaking out the ring modulators (and Alpha will be making his triumphant return).

This isn’t going to be big on dignity.

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