The Ood Cast S02E02 – Geeky Nuts & Bolts

“I like to think of the Doctor as a Liver Fluke. Now if you don’t know what a Liver Fluke is, it looks a bit like a fried mushroom and you tend to find them in abattoirs …”

This week on the Ood Cast we discuss Chris’ attempt at a unified theory of time travel within the Doctor Who universe. That’s right, we spend half an hour earnestly debating a fictional concept. That’s how we roll on the Ood sphere.


Despite acknowledging early on that the real reason that Doctor Who’s approach to time travel doesn’t make sense is because the writers make it up as they go along, we press on regardless and come up with a pretty reasonable explanation that encompasses water mazes, fixed points in time, a technological reading of evolution, calcified internal organs and the fact that the Doctor is probably part-TARDIS.

Bon appetit!

P.S We believe our theory of time travel to be bullet proof and challenge you to find examples that prove us wrong. Write to us at or at Or you could address your tweet to @theoodcast. Go on … we dare you.

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  1. Great episode. Liked the theory.

    Re. Occam’s Razor: it’s not “the simplest theory is the best”. Quite often reality is complex, and simple theories can distort. Rather, it is “entia non sunt multiplicanda praeter necessitatem”, entities should not be multiplied beyond what is necessary. Perhaps, though, we could still apply it to the difficulties caused by those faces in the Brain of Morbius. We could say that additional incarnations of the doctor should not be hypothesized beyond what is necessary, and we know from elsewhere in later Doctor Who that Hartnell was indeed the first doctor. So some other explanation, such as the one you offer, has to be found for those pre-Hartnell faces. So I think we can get to where we want to through Occam’s Razor after all. Is this the kind of geeky comment you are looking for?


  2. I have to thank you for these laws of time travel. Becuase of you, I was able to astound my Literature Class when I was able to make sense of a poem that seemed to incorporate time travel. Once again, you prove worthy to listen to for educational purposes as well as for fun and because you are epic 😀 😛

  3. Was that a random “Wicked” reference there at the end?? 😀

    This was the best episode so far, guys. Great production value, tons of charm, and just super entertaining all around. Thanks!


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