The Ood Cast S02E01 – Four Doctors & a Funeral

“There’s texture to it, there’s weirdness to it, there’s a Hinchcliffe Doctor Who-ness about it.”

And so with the grinding and wheezing of millennia-old engines, the second season of the Ood Cast pulls itself into corporeal existence. This week on the show we get a bit over-excited about the new series, wave aside petty disputes about season numbers and bow ties, reaffirm our mission statement to be a force for optimism and enthusiasm in Doctor Who fandom and then spoil it all by talking about James Corden. We then descend into a heated discussion about things that are pink and deadly. Plus, in an Ood Cast exclusive, we present an audio trailer for Richard Curtis’ episode of the new series. All this and a jingle about geeky pedantry.

Classic Ood Cast!

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  1. Brilliant! I’m so glad you’re back in my headphones again! And the segment ideas sound great as well; all of them. I can’t wait. But I have to.

  2. You guys didn’t seem very positive when reviewing “The End Of Time” two-parter. 😉

    But I love the podcast anyways. ONWARD!


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