Festive Treat 2: A Crossover Podcast & Our Christmas Single

We’ll record our Christmas episode after we’ve seen what Mr Moffat has in store for us on Christmas Day but until then we had the privilege of being asked to join in the festive fun over at The Doctor Who Podcast. We wrote and appeared in a sketch with them and you can listen to that (along with a few other surprises) by clicking on the following link:

The Doctor Who Podcast Christmas Special

Please go over and have a listen and maybe subscribe to their podcast (if you don’t already)? Trev, James and Tom run an amazing show full of cracking interviews, reviews and discussions about everything Doctor Who. They deserve your time.

You’ll also hear a Christmas duet between Laura & Tom which is, in our humble opinion, one of the best songs we’ve ever done. Tom is an incredibly accomplished blues singer and Laura, as we all know, isn’t exactly a slouch in the vocal performance department either.

So as an extra treat, it’s our pleasure to provide a complete version of the song for download. The track should slot comfortably into the rest of The Ood Cast album as track 19. Merry Christmas.

Listen here:
[audio:19 Bigger on the Inside.mp3]

Download here:
[download id=”27″ format=”1″ autop=”false”]

(The track is also available on our Downloads page)

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  2. Belated thanks for blessing us with this wonderful tune. Your crossover with the DWP was a fantastic Christmas surprise as well.

    You lot really do treat your listeners to some splendid stuff. Thanks so much!

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