Ood poetry

For anyone interested, here’s the poem I wrote about that speech in “Rose”, and performed (if performed is the right word) on Series 3 episood 5…

That’s Who I Am

I never believed the stories
of planets spinning,
like magicians’ plates.
Revolving faster than my dad could run
or my bike would go
down the hill across the way.
That we were drifting through space
with the stars
and the planets
and the TARDIS…
We weren’t moving.
But the first time I walked
to the shore on my own
and I looked out to sea,
I saw the curviture,
the bend of the horizon.
As the tide sneaked up the beach
I stared at the sky,
struck with awe and panic.
Which would fall first –
Me from the beach or the sky from above?

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