Here’s one I like – let’s hear it for Fear Her

Here’s one I like. Fear Her. The one with the girl possessed by the Isolus who got lost and just wants some friends and can make reality out of drawings, including a great big doodle-y scribble that hides in a garage – the scene where Rose finds it is geniunely wierd and creepy. C’mon – it’s genius! A monster that can be rubbed out! Pictures that come to life! The Doctor getting trapped in a picture-dimension-er-thing. An entire Olympic crowd disappearing live on-air while Huw Edwards gets lost for words. A joke about the TARDIS materialisation. A global threat. It’s perfect Doctor Who – the extraordinary in an ordinary street. Awesome imagination. It has some pretty thoughtful stuff about love and friendship. It even has the Doctor eating straight from a marmalade jar, much to Rose’s horror. It’s a creepy, thoughtful, moving classic.

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  1. Please tell me… You know what I think about this episode… Did you write the phrase “perfect Doctor Who” with the intention of getting me annoyed?! 🙂 Oh, you used the word “classic” too. Kind of devalues City of Death if you mention the two in the same evening…

  2. It’s okay, a fairly jolly story, but it didn’t really grab in the same way as others and the quality of the dialogue in the latest series has made me reappriase much of the Tennant era – still think girl in the fireplace is best – “Have you met the French?”

  3. Post

    Yo Chris, y’know what I got stuck for a title for the post… now I know I should have called it ‘How to annoy Alpha in under 150 words’… 😉

    Hi Roger, I think you are right. It is quite jolly. It’s funny how some stories just grow on you after watching them. I just think Fear Her has all the ingredients of totally brilliant Doctor Who. Awwww, Girl in the Fireplace. I have watched that so many times. ‘What’s a horse doing on a spaceship?’ ‘Micky, what’s pre-Revolutionary France doing a spaceship? Get a little perspective’. And what an ending.

  4. Fear Her.
    It’s an interesting look into the writing of RTD.
    I imagine all of his scripts start out like this, and then he goes back and adds in brilliant stuff and great moments. Which he didn’t have lots of time to do with Fear Her.
    That’s sounds a little too critical, but I think that’s really how he works.
    It kind of explains how he can be simultaneously brilliant and embarrassingly terrible sometimes.

  5. I love Fear Her. And I agree about the part where the dr parks the TARDIS wrong. It’s hilarious when he walks out only to come face to face with the side of a storage container, and he’s just like…oh…that’s not supposed to be there…oops. so funny.

  6. I think Fear her is one of the worst Doctor Who episode I ever watched. But I liked Love and Monster a lot, found Time and the Rani interesting and I’m still laughing my head off while watching The curse of fatal Death for the sixth time. So I suppose I have no right to judge you.^^

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