HaikWho: Season Twelve (1974/75)

The Fourth Doctor
Fascinating loon,
Jelly baby fan.

Robot thief unmasked,
causing electric breakdown.
Metal not immune.

The Ark in Space
People in deep freeze
on infested space station.
Noah blows his ark.

The Sontaran Experiment
Stranger tests humans,
Doctor calls him out for a fight.
Gravity beats spud.

Genesis of the Daleks
Doctor given task
to stop Davros creating.
Does he have the right?

Revenge of the Cybermen
Poison plague is spread.
Tin men’s destructive plan fails,
doomed by allergies.

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  1. Loving the HaikWho’s Alpha! I particularly liked Sontaran Experiment (“Gravity beats spud”) and Genesis of the Daleks (particularly beautiful and one of the best you’ve done).

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