HaikWho: Season Sixteen (1978/79)

The Key to Time…

The Ribos Operation
Planet-selling scam
captures Doctor’s attention.
Mad tyrant explodes.

The Pirate Planet
World-swallowing trick
performed by puppeteer nurse.
Loot’s true form returned.

The Stones of Blood
Deadly stone circle.
Justice knocks out a goddess,
their fate is sealed.

The Androids of Tara
Coronation games.
Romana forced to marry,
doppelganger swap.

The Power of Kroll
When squid gods attack.
Doctor stops its destruction
to do it himself.

The Armageddon Factor
Time Lord war gamer
foiled by loopy substitute.
Black is the new white.

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  1. Well done once again Alpha 🙂
    (As a side note, aren’t you now halfway through? Congrats!)
    Also, are you guys coming back for an episood before Let’s Kill Hitler? That would be totally awesome 🙂

  2. Post

    I’m a bit further on than halfway in real time, but on the blog, yep! I’ve just finished Season 24 in draft, so the publication thingy is a way back now!

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