HaikWho: Season Six (1968/1969)

The Dominators
Natives are enslaved,
their planet to be destroyed.
Returned package blows.

The Mind Robber
Haunted by fiction,
Doctor fights in novel ways.
Retirement postponed.

The Invasion
Double crossing plans
fail when earth is hypnotised.
Gives revenge bad name.

The Krotons
Enslaved by crystals,
their masters wait, suspended.
Doctor dissolves rule.

The Seeds of Death
Some gassy plant seeds
set platform for invasion.
Greens not good for you.

The Space Pirates
Wrong man suspected,
right man’s help is unaware.
Pirate leader shopped.

The War Games
Real life Warhammer
stopped by uncontrolled pieces.
Doctor shows his hand.

Regeneration (II)
Face-changing sentence,
fussy Time Lords get no choice.
Earthy exile starts.

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  1. Epicness in three lines, once again πŸ™‚
    The Mind Robber is my favourite of all Patrick Troughton stories that I’ve seen and you’ve done it justice. πŸ™‚

  2. Post

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