HaikWho: Season Seventeen (1979/1980)

Destiny of the Daleks
Unbroken stalemate
not changed by kamikazes.
Chilly suspense waits.

City of Death
Big bang under threat
from art-peddling stranger.
Cop strikes final blow.

The Creature from the Pit
Captive diplomat
is freed and takes his revenge.
Doctor pulls a star.

Nightmare of Eden
Recorded danger
hoists villains with own petard.
Eden not that nice.

The Horns of Nimon
Parasite masters
bleed their conquered planets dry.
Trapped without rations.

Famous inmate hides
from spherical mind-stealing.
Doctor sweet-talks ship.

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  1. Destiny of the Daleks was my first ever adventure. Somewhere in my head Doctor Who is still the Doctor, Romana, K9 and the Daleks. It was love at first eye-stalk.

    Also looking forward to the return of the Oodcast only slightly less than the return of the series itself. Which is perhaps the highest compliment I can give.

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