HaikWho: Season One (1963/4).

The First Doctor

Old grandfather time,

Doddering through then and now.

No regrets, no tears.


Season One.


An Unearthly Child

Strange girl from blue box,

Nosey teachers go Stone Age.

Tribe of Gum get fire.


The Daleks

War-ravaged planet,

Condiment-shaped robots rule,

Pacifists kill them.


The Edge of Destruction

TARDIS malfunctions,

Doctor suspects sabotage

(he just missed a switch).


Marco Polo

Clueless explorer

Gives TARDIS to Kublai Khan,

Pointless swordfight end.


The Keys of Marinus

Four keys must be found,

The foe has already won,

But blows himself up.


The Aztecs

Barbara worshipped,

Ian duels while Doctor flirts,

No one re-writes time.


The Sensorites

Natives are dying,

Doctor finds the needed cure.

Was mad humans’ fault.


The Reign of Terror

Caught up in spy’s web

Doctor blags his freedom twice,

Then escapes revolt.


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