HaikWho: Season Nineteen (1981/82)

The Fifth Doctor
Cricketing Time Lord,
Veg-sporting, dashing ex-vet.
Brave heart, Doctor. Hmm?

Post-traumatic stress
leads them into Master’s trap.
He regrets free will.

Four to Doomsday
Complex plunder is
wannabe creator’s plan.
Poisonous throw spoils.

Sleepy possession.
Human-hating snakey thing
trapped by reflection.

The Visitation
Android scares locals
while monsters make super plague.
They don’t last on fire.

Black Orchid
Country house murders
Doctor almost framed for them.
Mad chap in attic.

Metal army hide,
while others plot their downfall.
End of dinosaurs.

Time Flight
Conchord vanishes,
Master plots in pyramid.
Back the way they came.

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