HaikWho: Season Four (1966/67)

The Smugglers
Kidnapped to find loot,
Doctor breaks smuggling ring,
then leaves when fight starts.

The Tenth Planet
Estranged twin returns,
metal men come to convert.
They get too greedy.

Regeneration (I)
Exhausted old man
fades into baggy trousers
and wakes with bowl cut.

The Second Doctor
A cosmic hobo,
Lord of time and twinkling eyes.
But not recorders.

The Power of the Daleks
Colonial deaths,
traitors and inert old foes
stopped by power surge.

The Highlanders
Captured by Redcoats,
resorts to smuggling arms
and gains a piper.

The Underwater Menace
Raising Atlantis
is deranged Prof’s evil scheme.
Doctor drowns the dream.

The Moonbase
A plague on the moon
is cyber-caused with poison.
Cocktails save the day.

The Macra Terror
“Hi De Hi” mind games
keep big gas-run crabs alive.
They just break a pump.

The Faceless Ones
Young people vanish,
replace a generation.
Doctor brings them home.

The Evil of the Daleks
Daleks play with genes,
Doctor spreads the human touch.
Civil war ensues.

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