HaikWho: Season Eighteen (1980/81)

The Leisure Hive
Brighton elusive,
hostile takeover thwarted.
Holiday postponed.

Duplicate Doctor
steals power source to destroy.
Tech refresh foils plan.

Full Circle
Mistfall means danger,
people escape from their own.
Evolution sucks.

State of Decay
Crashed vampire rulers
await the Great Lord’s rising.
Doctor wastes their chance.

Warrior’s Gate
White void holds captives.
They are freed thanks to backdraft,
Romana clears up.

The Keeper of Traken
Master flies statue
to revive in planet’s source.
Settles for new form.

Natives’ equations
keep existence existing.
Master has to help.

Regeneration (IV)
Giant telescope fall,
Watcher watches youthful swap.
Has been prepared for.

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