HaikWho: Season Eight (1971)

Terror of the Autons
Master’s plastic blooms
will suffocate and summon.
He has his mind changed.

The Mind of Evil
Inmates’ badness drained
and used to nick a missile.
Handy self-destruct.

The Claws of Axos
Golden visitors
offer gigantism deal.
Get trapped in a loop.

Colony in Space
Doomsday weapon found.
Master uses local row
but guard does his job.

The Daemons
Barrow hides spaceship.
Sacrifice is Devil’s End,
Master caught at last.

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  1. Another great set of HaikWho’s Alpha!
    Thought I’d let you guys know that I had a dream where I time travelled, in a suitcase, to the future and you guys were rock stars 😀

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