Festive Treat: Episode 6’s missing sketch…

As a bit of a festive thank you to everyone who has downloaded the latest show, I’m going to reveal a little about our recent technical troubles…  Well, briefly.  We (well, Andy) had huge problems getting some of the material off the memory stick it was saved on, and although we rescued most of the material recorded for this show, there’s still something missing.

I need to explain a little.  Annette Badland played Margaret Slitheen in Boom Town… but I remembered her from my childhood, as Charlotte in the BBC series Bergerac alongside the ever-brilliant John Nettles.  If you want to know more, have a look here .

So, using that link, and to shamelessly fulfil a childhood dream of playing the hard-nosed sleuth Jim Bergerac (it was one of my reserve playground games when there was no one around to play Doctor Who with…) I wrote the sketch below…  As there’s not much point re-recording it, here’s the script so you guys can see what you would have heard.  Oh, and to help you with the beginning, and for some of you to reminisce, you’ll find the Bergerac theme tune here

Good Cop, Bad Slitheen

Bergerac theme tune plays
SFX: Car pulls up

What time is it?  Oh hell…

SFX: Running footsteps.  SFX: Office noises (typewriters, phones etc)

Where is he?  Have you seen him, Terry?

Not this morning, no…

SFX: Door opens

Ah, at last!

Morning Barney.

Where have you been?

Oh you know…

No, I don’t.

Never mind then.  Morning Terry.

Morning Jim.

Morning Charlotte.  (Silence) Morning Charlotte…

SFX: farting noise.

Sorry about that.  Morning, Jim.

SFX: Slitheen screams

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  1. That is VERY funny. I don’t know the show (Bergerac, not Who) but I love it all the same.
    Shame it couldn’t be in the show.
    Who wrote it? Alpha? Sigma? Laura? Andy? (Please note, not in order of preference, just logic. You are all my favourite)
    Brillant work!
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  2. Post

    Thanks – glad you like it!

    It does say at the top that I wrote the post (and the sketch) so I suppose that’d be me (Chris Alpha)… 🙂

    Merry Christmas to you too!

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