The Ood Cast S03E06 – Booming Marvellous

“I really enjoyed them skirting round the issue and occasionally touching it and jumping away like some sort of frightened cat.”

On this week’s Ood Cast, still a member down, Laura, Andy and Chris Alpha take the Slitheen by the skin suit and use their time wisely. Not by invading the Earth using decoy pigs in space suits (or even pigs in blankets – it is the festive season after all), but by revisiting series one’s Boom Town. They wonder out-loud into handily positioned microphones whether the episode was as shaky as the planning permission for that nuclear power station in the episode must have been….

We discover (not necessarily this order): just what happened at that Cardiff Council planning meeting when the power station was approved; why Chris Alpha wanted to make a snowman instead of watching the episode; why they all agreed that they did and did not like it; and that Laura had absolutely no inspiration for a song this week.

Only joking. Of course there’s a song.

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  1. So do you guys co-ordinate with my boss. It seems when he decides to load me up with some un-Christmassy work load you guys deploy the next ood cast. Thank god you do. Because I think I would be a right royal grump if i didn’t get some oody goodness to listen to on the train home tonight.
    Thanks again for taking the time to put this all together.

  2. I just listened to this episode again. Really love the song at the end. Thanks for putting out such a consistently wonderful podcast!

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