The Ood Cast Annual 2012

“To fire monkeys into people’s bums…”

You know when you win a Christmas hamper at the raffle? You’re really excited but then you peek underneath the bottle of cava, bits of raffia and Elizabeth Shaw mints, and you find that someone’s padded out the bottom with dusty tins of spam, pineapple chunks in sugar-free syrup and those crackers that taste like baked paper?

This episode is nothing like that.

The Ood Cast (Audio) Annual 2012 is exploding from top to bottom with Christmassy goodness (a bit like Andy), including an opportunity to win a spot as a guest host, the Audio Ood Cast Monster Guide, a story from Michael of Tin Dog Podcast fame, puzzles, fact files, an 80’s smash hit and most importantly, THE LITTLEST DOCTOR!

Listen until you feel bloated and sick, then swear off us, promise you’ll do better in January and wait for two weeks before giving in and listening again. We know that’s what you’ll do. We’ll be doing it too.

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  1. Aptitude test answers
    1. Two amputated ood brains
    2. No socks, I never wear socks
    3. Got hanged, duh
    4. They were not born on the same day

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