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Laura Mead Doctor Who Ood Cast Album Cover

The Ood Cast Album

Songs from Series 2

1. Martha's Lament
Based on A Fine Fine Line
(Season 3)

2. Amelia Waits
Based on I Don't Want to Wait
(The Eleventh Hour)

3. Beast Below
Based on Valerie
(The Beast Below)

4. White Cliffs of Skaro
Based on White Cliffs of Dover
(Victory of the Daleks)

5. Wipe Your Lips, Mate
Based on Dry Your Eyes, Mate
(The Time of Angels)

6. Don't Wanna Blink
Based on I Don't Want to Miss a Thing
(The Time of Angels)

7. Let's Get It On, Doctor
Based on Let's Get It On
(Flesh & Stone)

8. O Mio Babbino Caro
Based on O Mio Babbino Caro
(The Vampires of Venice)

9. Under Venice
Based on Under the Sea
(The Vampires of Venice)

Based on trad.
(Amy's Choice)

11. Amy's Choice
Based on Dreams
(Amy's Choice)

12. Going Underground
Based on Going Underground
(The Hungry Earth)

13. Sound of the Underground
Based on Sound of the Underground
(Cold Blood)

14. I Will Remember You
Based on I Will Remember You
(Cold Blood)

15. Vincent
Based on Vincent
(Vincent & the Doctor)

16. The Fall of Silence
Based on The Sound of Silence
(The Pandorica Opens)

17. Under the Starless Sky
Based on Under the Bridge
(The Big Bang)

18. Pond Dreaming
Based on California Dreaming
(The Big Bang)

19. Bigger on the Inside
Based on Baby, It's Cold Outside
(Christmas Single)

Laura Mead Doctor Who Ood Cast Dirty Little Geeks Cover

Dirty Little Geeks

Songs from Series 3

1. A Show of Distinction
Based on Big Spender

2. Doctor Who Writer
Based on Paperback Writer

3. Our Lodger
Based on Our House
(The Lodger)

4. Clay! (Intro)
Based on Shaft

5. Your Song (Fanboy Diss)
Based on Your Song

6. Do Your Remember?
Based on Remember the Time
(Death of the Doctor)

7. Fake Plastic Men
Based on Fake Plastic Trees

8. Talking 'bout Regeneration
Based on Talkin' 'bout a Revolution

9. Underneath Your Skin
Based on Underneath Your Clothes
(Boom Town)

10. Silence is All You'll Hear
Based on Abigail's Song
(A Christmas Carol)

11. Frozen
Based on Frozen
(A Christmas Carol)

12. Don't Go Breakin' My Mic
Based on Don't Go Breakin' My Heart

13. Wuthering Dead
Based on Wuthering Heights
(The Unquiet Dead)

14. Jet Plane To Gallifrey
Based on Leaving on a Jet Plane

15. Ribbons
Based on Buttons

16. Who Don't Impress Me Much
Based on That Don't Impress Me Much

17. Dirty Little Geeks
Based on Dirty Little Freaks

18. The Tenth Doctor's Hair (Remix)
with thanks to Radio Rassilon

19. Four Chords of Time
Based on Four Chords
(all of Season 5)

20. Oh So Silent
Based on It's Oh So Quiet
(The Impossible Astronaut)

21. Nixon's Summer of '69
Based on Summer of '69
(The Day of the Moon)

22. I'm on a Pirate Boat
Based on I'm on a Boat
(The Curse of the Black Spot)

23. Woman in the Box
Based on Woman in the Wall
(The Doctor's Wife)

24. Blue Glory Box
Based on Glory Box
(The Doctor's Wife)

25. I know It So Well
Based on I Know Him So Well
(The Rebel Flesh)

26. Flesh Monster
Based on Monster
(The Almost People)

27. Always Look on the Bright Side of Going to War
Based on Always Look on the Bright Side of Life
(A Good Man Goes to War)

Doctor Who Ood Cast Laura Mead Marriages Stopped Clocks album Cover

Marriages etc

Songs from Series 4 & 5

1. Hurt (I Don't Want to Go)
Based on Hurt
(Tribute to the 10th Doctor)

2. Our Body is a Battleship
Based on Your Body is a Wonderland
(Let's Kill Hitler)

3. Creepy Doll
Based on Barbie Girl
(Night Terrors)

4. Fast Time Stream
Based on The A-Team
(The Girl Who Waited)

5. Praise You
Based on Praise Him
(The God Complex)

6. What's Goin On (Praise Him)?
Based on What's Up?
(The God Complex)

7. The Power of Lurve
Based on The Power of Love
(Closing Time)

8. Business of Rivery
Based on Misery Business
(The Wedding of River Song)

9. Super Mummy
Based on Rule the World
(The Doctor, The Widow & the Wardrobe)

10. Gareth Robert's Mind
Based on Windmills of Your Mind

11. Jack Harkness (Ood Mix)
Based on Jack Sparrow

12. Still Deride
Based on Still Alive

13. I Courted a Sailor
Based on I Courted a Sailor

14. Sir Eglamore
Based on Sir Eglamore

15. The Cobbler's Daughter
Based on The Cobbler's Daughter

16. Pond Life
Based on Parklife
(Pond Life)

17. This Soufflé
Based on This Bouquet
(Asylum of the Daleks)

18. Flirt Like An Egyptian
Based on Walk Like An Egyptian
(Dinosaurs on a Spaceship)

19. Dino
Based on Daniel
(Dinosaurs on a Spaceship)

20. Gunslinger's Gone to War
Based on Everybody's Gone to War
(A Town Called Mercy)

21. Little Boxes
Based on Little Boxes
(The Power of Three)

22. Extraordinary World
Based on Ordinary World
(The Power of Three)

23. The Chambers of your Heart
Based on The Cave
(The Angels Take Manhattan)

24. Marriages & Stopped Clocks
Based on Video Games
(The Angels Take Manhattan)

25. Steven Help the People
Based on People Help the People

Doctor Who Ood Cast Brand New Face album cover

Brand New Face

Songs from Series 5, 6 & TOOO

1. Epic Rap Battles of Time: Pond vs Pond
Based on Epic Rap Battle of History

2. You Only Live Thrice
Based on You Only Live Twice

3. The Time Lord
Based on The Goodman

4. Some Bodies That I Used to Know
Based on Somebody That I Used to Know

5. Never Known An Unearthly Child Like You Before
Based on Never Known A Girl Like You Before
(An Unearthly Child)

6. Christmas Special (Help the Oods)
Based on Feed the World
(The Snowmen)

7. Raincloud
Based on River
(The Snowmen)

8. Ood Cast Theme Riff Off

9. Canctus Sanctus Johannes
Based on trad.
(The Bells of Saint John)

10. Something in the WiFi
Based on Single Ladies
(The Bells of Saint John)

11. Autumn Leaves
Based on Autumn Leaves
(Rings of Akhaten)

12. Hungry Star
Based on A & E
(Rings of Akhaten)

13. Ice Ice Warrior
Based on Ice Ice Baby
(Cold War)

14. Reptilian
Based on Titanium
(Cold War)

15. Crooked Romeo
Based on Romeo & Juliet

16. Salvage Time
Based on Business Time
(Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS)

17. Push the Button
Based on Push the Button
(Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS)

18. Sweetville
Based on Sweet Dreams
(The Crimson Horror)

19. Nightmares in Silver
Based on Nights in White Satin
(Nightmare in Silver)

20. Not My Name
Based on That's Not My Name
(The Name of the Doctor)

21. It Had to Be Who
Based on It Had to Be Who

22. Moment's Gone
Based on Let It Go
(The Day of the Doctor)

23. Nothing Compares to Who
Based on Nothing Compares 2 U
(The Time of the Doctor)

24. Brand New Face
Based on Super Bass
(Deep Breath)

25. A Dalek Called Rusty
Based on Money for Nothing
(Into The Dalek)

26. Ood-e-lally
Based on Oo-de-lally
(Robot of Sherwood)

27. Listen
Based on Real Love

28. Spoon Forehead
Based on Goldfinger
(Time Heist)

29. Fat Girls
Based on Cheap Thrills
(The Pilot)

30. Smile
Based on Smile

31. From Vauxhall to the Southbank
Based on The Chain
(Thin Ice)

32. Woodlice
Based on Black Magic
(Knock Knock)

33. These Suits Were Made for Walking
Based on These Boots Were Made for Walking

34. Veritas
Based on I Love It (I Don't Care)

35. It's the End of the World
Based on It's the End of the World as We Know It
(The Lie of the Land)

36. Coffee Mum
Based on Tom's Diner
(The Eaters of Light)

37. Black Crow
Based on Blackbird
(World Enough and Time)

38. After All This
Based on Pompeii
(The Doctor Falls)