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Andrew was inspired by Tom Baker’s awesome adventures and the strange texture of the 1970s’ time-tunnel. In 1976 he would regularly wake in a cold sweat because of the episode two cliffhanger of The Seeds of Doom and a couple of years later wouldn’t go near the deep-end of a swimming pool for fear of Kroll.

Then, for his eighth birthday, his gran knitted him a long, stripy scarf and he became a highly intelligent and resourceful pacifist alien, who looked a LOT younger than he really was, and would say, ‘Shsh’ and ‘What?!’ a lot (a continued trait).

He believes that Doctor Who is the best format ever devised for telly, and he is right about that. Prefers cybermen to daleks, but not when they are wimpy and susceptible to bullets.

Chris Alpha

Born at an early age into a tragically happy home, and being exposed to one of the more chilling shots of robotic marching scenes from Earthshock when 3, Chris’ love for things of a time travelling nature is long-standing. As is his firm belief that Cybermen could take Daleks any day (because his dad said so).

However, growing up on a diet of Doctor Who, Blackadder and Test Match Special meant that when it came to lunchtime games at school, there was a choice between leading an adventure against the Daleks as the 7th Doctor (because everyone else thought Ace was cooler and he was too small to argue) or leading an imaginary England side to improbable test victories against woefully under-par Australians. Invariably, he chose the more realistic and travelled the galaxy with his multiple lunch companions.

Chris soon grew into one of the more indecisive and forgetful geeks you’ll ever meet. He almost always remembers to put socks on, and while he can remember whether he likes or dislikes something, he can’t actually be certain if he’s seen it.

His proudest Who-related moment is mastering the surprisingly easy magician’s hand gesture the bloke out of Lovejoy did in The Greatest Show In The Galaxy.

Chris Sigma

Chris is technically yet to have his first experience of Doctor Who as he hopes to build a time machine at some point in the future and travel back to the 1960s in order to watch it from the beginning. Temporal chronology aside, his first experience of the series was The Five Doctors which he watched about a hundred times between the ages of five and nine.

No other episodes.

Just The Five Doctors. Over and over again.

Consequently he has a fear of silver leotards and gentle inclines.

Then in 1989 he watched Remembrance of the Daleks – the Sylvester McCoy story where things explode quite spectacularly every two or three minutes. It was all “Ace pass me that Nitro Nine you’re not carrying …” and “Weapons … always useless in the end.” He was hooked for life.

He even managed to reduce his The Five Doctors habit by a staggering 80%.

More recently, he has been equally spellbound by the series in its new incarnation. His favourite bits are when the Doctor jumps over something.

Jump, Doctor. Jump.


Laura thinks the first time she saw Doctor Who, there was a lady in it having her head forcibly shaved.

It doesn’t sound that likely, does it?

Anyhow, it gave her four-year-old self nightmares for months. Since then, she’s come out from behind the cushion, and now only screams at the stone angels. What? Episodes 4 AND 5? You’ve got to be kidding me.


The Littlest Doctor

The Littlest Doctor is, as you’d expect, a Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey, who travels through time and space in an internally vast time machine called the TARDIS, accompanied by his monkey companion, Bob.  He explores the universe in a smart suit and at story times, using his extensive knowledge of science, technology, history and confectionery to avert whatever crisis he encounters (unless it is a fixed point in time and space – if he messes with those, he’s sent to his room).

The imprecise nature of his travels is usually attributed to the age and unreliability of the TARDIS’s navigation system, the fact that he’s only (90)4 years old and that he’s rather easy to distract if you have jam tarts.  Mention Daleks to him, and he’ll laugh in your face – he’s not afraid of them (unless it’s dark).  Mention things like genetic looms or temporal manipulation devices, he’ll set Bob on you and then explain you pronounced it wrong.  No really.  He does.

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  1. Hello guys. Just listened to my first Oodcast (Series 2, Episode 3). And now I think I’ll have to go back and hear the earlier ones. It’s a fun show. The Vinvocci Engineering and your junior team member’s Sonic Screwdriver adventure at Church were highlights, though the way the story was setting up I was curious to hear what the kid had actually performed when it was his turn, in case he had tried to turn his religious scene into a Doctor Who one.

    Someday, on a TV show, we will see an engineer point out the flaws in a design that you brought up. The villain will shoot the engineer dead, have the body taken away, clean the place up, and a more traditional uncurious engineer will fail to spot the flaws and take on the job.

    Looking forward to future and past episodes.

    Benjamin Elliott
    This Week In Doctor Who
    the weekly guide to Doctor Who broadcasts worldwide (and if I can ever fix my computer, the podcast section will relaunch)

  2. Hi guys! Just have to say that I love the show. Y’all are the coolest. I was listening to your take on The Brain of Morbius and how you were wondering just how many Doctors had there been. I’d like to answer that, if you haven’t figured it out by now as that episode of the podcast is older now. There had been four Doctors at that point. The other faces you see in the mind bending contest were those of Morbius. He was a Time Lord, after all. And they were members of the production team.
    Keep up the great work guys!

  3. Hey guys wondering what has happened to the podcast ages since you had one, still haven’t talked about a good man goes to war come back soon Benjamin From The Preachers Podcast

  4. Hi, happy holidays, and I LOVE the podcasts but – I’m confused by this web site. Are you not doing the Oodcasts any more? I will be downcast and disconsolate, if not. I have enjoyed them immensely, and I am SO impressed by all the talent you all have shared! *closes eyes and crosses fingers, hoping SO much there will be more Oodcasts!*

    from the Great Plains, USA – Omaha, Nebraska, specifically

  5. Love the Oodcast!!!! Glad to see you will be posting again.

    Are you planning to go to the Gallifrey convention next month in LA?

    I would love to meet you all and be able to put a face to the voices. Or multiple faces… One for each of you….

    Please let us fans know….. 🙂

  6. Post

    Hello Don!
    We came last year, and definitely will again- but sadly not this year (as some of us are saving up to buy homes!).
    I was tickled pink to go before. It was a brilliant introduction to the US and an even better introduction to a truly lovely slice of fandom.

    Now I want to go this year too…

    Loz x

  7. Finally discovered you guys — love everything! I am really hoping that you’ll have a talk with the folks at Gallifrey and put on a concert/sketch show or something as part of their big event in 2013! It would be amazing!

  8. I love just wanted to say that i’ve fallen in love with Laura completly.
    I mean i enjoy all of the podcasters…
    But i’ve fallen for Laura totally.

    Keep ’em Ood-casts comin!

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