Ding Dong Gallifrey on High!

Classic Doctor Who never really had to deal with Christmas – except for 1965. Some context. The story that was running at the time was “The Dalek Masterplan” – a 12 episode epic which was to continue until the end of January 1966, and had been preceeded by “Mission to the Unknown”, a one-episode prologue introducing some of the necessary characters.  …

First Meeting

A nicely clanky flight of shiny metal stairs. A handful of figures in spray-painted clothes. A curious, unaware small boy, pyjamas on, sandwich on lap, switches on a boxy old TV, stares at the flickering screen. Silvery boots climb, metal stairs thunk. Boy stops chewing. Checks behind his chair. More steps clatter, an unceasing flow of metallic warriors swarm, fill …


Reviewing Hide.


Reviewing The Bells of Saint John.